Effective Tips on How to Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

Do you have a small living room that you want to make more useful and inviting? In the following paragraphs, we will share with you some of our top tips that you can apply to any room to make it look bigger, more comfortable and livelier. If you have a small living room and you would like to increase its usefulness and improve your home decor, read on to find out more. You may use one of these techniques in any area of your home or business to make it look cleaner, more organized and more welcoming.

Create a Focal Point Make an accent wall for your small living space by creating a central focus. You can easily accomplish this by using an artwork or a creative wall painting, a popular painting color or other decorative design piece. In this kind of living room, group of matching mirrors and used wallpaper to make a focal point. A beautiful arrangement of such furniture and decor will surely help you get a fresh start for your interior design and maximize your space.

Small Living Room Layout Tips For Home Interior Design Do you want to enhance and maximize the usefulness of your living space? Here are some of our small living room layout tips for you. These ideas can help you save a lot of space in your home and maximize your home’s potential as a working space. Try them out!

Keep The Furniture Small and Functional When planning your small living room layout, you have to keep in mind that your furniture should not block your windows and the doorway. Place all your furniture in appropriate spaces so that you won’t have a problem with navigating through the room. If your furniture is too big, it will only add to the already crowded space.

Don’t Overbuy Your Rugs If you want to maximize your living room’s space, you don’t have to overbuy your rugs. It is important that you place your rug at least three to four feet away from your couch. Of course, your sofa also has to be three to four feet away from the wall. You don’t have to buy an expensive rug just to save space.

Use Open Shelves in Small Spaces One of the most effective small living room layout ideas is to make use of open shelving. You can achieve this by placing a large coffee table next to a large hutch. This will enable you to put all your small, but necessary items in easy reach. By using open shelving, you will also be able to save space since you won’t be putting all of your stuff on the shelves.

Use Proper Lighting If you want to make a small living room feel larger, then you must use proper lighting. One way to do this is to install ceiling-mounted fluorescent lights. Aside from making a space look larger visually, these lights also provide artificial lighting. Another lighting option that you can use is to install pendant lights in the ceiling. These lights are perfect because they cast an even, dim glow on the ceiling and are great for reading.

Use Storage Units to Maximize Space Another tip on how to make small spaces feel larger is to utilize storage units. One of the best things about furniture storage units is that you can stack them up high or in cabinets. Cabinets with open shelving are perfect for storing cutlery, glassware, small lamps, and other small but essential items. Another great storage unit option for your living room is a set of hanging shelves that you can easily attach to walls.